Video P1 – First of its kind! Femdom, Pegging, Hubby wearing knee socks and tasting his own load!

😈 This one came in as a request from a fan. As you all know I am not big on doing customs however hubby was a bit curious. So I took that asked and and did my own spin on it.😝! In this one Hubby got dressed up in my thigh high socks (like knee height for him 😝). I bahrain by oiling up that sweet an sexy πŸ‘of his and teased his little asshole of his! Before he knew it he was taking all 9 inches of my brand new 🌈Rainbow Cock! When I could tell his postate was filling up and he was struggling to hold back I put him on his back and made him hold his legs up so I could get nice and deep! Just as he was going to finish I jerked it out of him and made him taste it! This is a absolute MUST SEE for all you Femdom/Pegging fans out there. 😈 Please do let us know if you enjoy this content, and if theres any particular scenes or customs you’d like to see me perform on hubby let me know!
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