Video 125: Fuck bench and BBC Surprise. 3x Creampies

😈 We just got home from a night out on the strip and I had been rubbing on a rather large BBC at the bar 😈. On the way home hubby took a detour for some reason and took o7ut our “emergency” blindfold for when we like to surprise each other and said “put it on before we go inside the house, I have a little surprise for you”. As we walked in hubby warned me to be cautious but told me our fuck bench was right in front of me and to get on it😳! I was curious what he had been up to on his phone but the presence of this bench told me whatever it was, I was about to have an AMAZING time❤️! Soon after I was strapped in, I felt the presence of someone else’s hands and hubby was being awfully quiet. Could it be… did he secretly ask the bbc from the bar to join us at home? See it for yourself! 😈 Let’s just say I had an amazing time getting tag teamed on the bench and dicked down 😝. I was so tight that the BBC came in me twice! Then I just had to reward hubby for being so kind and gave him sloppy thirds 💦. Such a great time!
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